Mini Pro Knife Sharpener

Mini pro knife sharpener Recently the large kitchen company Kuhn Rikon released a small knife sharpener called the Mini Pro Knife Sharpener. We have yet to get our hands on one but wanted to at least give you the information we have on this new sharpener.

The Mini-Pro Knife Sharpener was designed and engineered in Switzerland, like most of the Kuhn Rikon appliances. It's a very lightweight and compact knife sharpener that works with all non-serrated steel knife blades. Though I assume it will not work well for Santoku or other Asian blades that need different angles.

The sharpening material in the Mini Pro is a high quality ceramic stone from Kyocera, Japan. The sharpener is about 2 inches wide, 2 inch thick, and 5 inches long. The small size makes it ideal for taking along on camping or fishing trips, or for use at tailgating parties.

To use the Mini Pro you just flip up the gate at the end of body and the sharpener pops out for easy use. The flipped up gate also acts as a hand guard for added protection.

Like many Kuhn Rikon products the Mini Pro Knife Sharpener comes with a 5 year warranty and retails for about $20.

Have any of you used the Mini Pro Knife Sharpener?

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