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Global Knife Sharpeners

Global minosharp knife Due to the steeper angle of Global Knives and their much harder steel, many normal knife sharpeners and honing steels do not work properly with them. There are several very good options for keeping your Global knives extra sharp.

Global Sharpening Steels

Global knives are made of harder steel than most knives and because of this many normal sharpening steels will not work properly. Global has two sharpening steels that are specifically made to work on harder steel, a ceramic and a diamond sharpener.

Global Ceramic Sharpening Steel

The Global ceramic sharpener is the less-expensive of the two options. As the name suggests this honing 'steel' is actually made from ceramic, which is harder than the steel used in the Global knives. This allows you to easily straighten and hone your Global knives. One thing to consider, because it is ceramic dropping or hitting it against something hard can crack or chip it.

Global Diamond Sharpening Steel

The second honing 'steel' that Global offers is their diamond sharpening steel. It actually contains small diamond pieces in on the steel that helps to hone the blade to an even finer point than the ceramic sharpener. These diamonds also help to actually sharpen the knife some, unlike most sharpening steels.

It is recommended to use the diamond sharpening steel after using the MinoSharp knife sharpener (see below) to bring the edge close to the sharpness you want.

Global Sharpeners

When sharpening your Global knives you run into some of the same problems as when you hone them on a sharpening steel. The extra-hard steel requires a special sharpener.

MinoSharp Water Knife Sharpener

Specifically made for sharpening Global knives the MinoSharp water sharpener has two ceramic wheels, coarse and fine, that will bring your knife back to a fine edge. You fill the compartment around the wheels with water and then draw the knife several times through the MinoSharp on both the coarse wheel and the fine wheel.

While the MinoSharp Sharpener can bring your Global knife close to its factory edge it is advisable to use the Global Diamond sharpening steel to finish forming the edge.

Buy These Global Knife Sharpeners

The MinoSharp Water Sharpener, Ceramic Sharpening Steel and Diamond Sharpening Steel are available on Amazon.com.
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