Do Bamboo Cutting Boards Dull Knives?

Bamboo Bamboo cutting boards are becoming more and more popular in home kitchens. Many people switching to them wonder do bamboo cutting boards dull knives? The short answer is no.

Why Do People Think Bamboo Dulls Knives?

One reason people think that a bamboo cutting board will dull knives is because they are switching from a plastic cutting board. With plastic boards the knife sinks into the plastic while bamboo, and other wood cutting boards, generally are hard enough that the knives stop at the surface.

This extra hardness cause people to worry that the new bamboo board is dulling their knife. In reality though, the hard surface is not hard enough to dull kitchen knives, unlike glass or ceramic boards. Many professional chefs actually prefer maple cutting boards, which is an even harder wood than bamboo. After time, the bamboo boards will even begin to get scratches and nicks from the knife blades

So feel free to use that new bamboo board you got as a gift all you want without fear of it dulling your knives!
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