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Santoku Knife Sharpener

Santoku knife2 In the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, L.A. Johnson talks about how popular santoku knives are and the effect that is having on knife sharpeners.
Given the popularity of santoku knives, there now are electric knife sharpeners designed specifically for Asian-style knives, which require sharpening at a 15-degree angle instead of the 20-degree angle required for German-made knives, Ms. Lapiana said. sells a non-electric Wusthof Asian Edge Knife Sharpener that is made to handle santoku knives.

It's good to see that you will be able to have santoku knives and sharpen them yourself with an appropriate option!

The Shun knives he talks about in the article look incredible. However, the 3-piece Shun Premier Knife Starter Set looks a little out of my price range though!