Sakai, Japan Bladesmiths

Sakai japanese knives 08 1000 A great photo essay about Japanese bladesmiths and their super sharp knives. They sell about 250 of these incredible knives a year. A unique behind-the-scenes visit of the crafstmen who hammer out the best and most expensive kitchen knives in the world in the city of Sakai, Japan.

Two pieces of steel will now be forged into a knife. A piece of hard steel will provide the razor-sharp edge Sakai's knives are famous for, and a piece of soft ferrite, containing more carbon, will prevent the knife from breaking. A combination not unlike reinforced concrete, where the concrete provides resistance to compression while the iron grid prevents the material from breaking when pulled. That's the secret of a successful marriage - both parties should bring something to the table.

Japanese Bladesmiths -
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