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Mini Pro Knife Sharpener

Recently the large kitchen company Kuhn Rikon released a small knife sharpener called the Mini Pro Knife Sharpener. We have yet to get our hands on one but wanted to at least give you the information we have on this new sharpener
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Chef's Choice 120 3-Stage Diamond Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice is known for their many different knife sharpeners, both electric and manual several of which have been recommended by Cook's Illustrated. We decided to look at one of their better sharpeners, the Chef's Choice 120 3-Stage Diamond Knife Sharpener, and see how it performs.
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Do Bamboo Cutting Boards Dull Knives?

Bamboo cutting boards are becoming more and more popular in home kitchens. Many people switching to them wonder do bamboo cutting boards dull knives?
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Sakai, Japan Bladesmiths

A great photo essay about Japanese bladesmiths and their super sharp knives. They sell about 250 of these incredible knives a year.
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Chef's Choice Knife Sharpeners Founder Interview

Chef's Choice Knife Sharpeners are highly thought of and used in many home kitchens. For some insight into what makes them work give this interview a read.
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Global Knife Sharpeners

Due to the steeper angle of Global Knives and their much harder steel, many normal knife sharpeners and honing steels do not work properly with them. There are several very good options for keeping your Global knives extra sharp.
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Q: Does the Dishwasher Dull Knives?

This is a very common question among home cooks. Many people want the convenience of using their dishwasher on their good knives but are worried about the effects. We took a look and will share our results with you and what they mean for your knife cleaning.
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Wusthof Two Stage Knife Sharpener Review

Wusthof is known for their high quality kitchen knives so we thought their two stage knife sharpener would be of the same quality but we wanted to put it through its paces.
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5 Common Mistakes that Lead to Dull Knives

Proper care of your kitchen knives will lead to them staying sharper much longer. Unfortunately, there are many simple mistakes people make that lead to quickly dulling knives. Here's 5 of the most common, and solutions to avoid them.
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Presto Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

The Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is known as being one of the best low-end electric knife sharpeners around. At $40 it is significantly less expense than other similar sharpeners. We take a look at it and see how it holds up.
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2 Knife Sharpener Recommendations from WickedLocal.com

Christopher Kimball at WickedLocal.com talks about the perfect Thanksgiving at recommends 2 knife sharpeners, the Chef's Choice knife sharpener and the AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener.
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Santoku Knife Sharpener

In the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, L.A. Johnson talks about how popular santoku knives are and the effect that is having on knife sharpeners.
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